In compliance with the provisions of Law No. 14,611/2023, Decree No. 11,795/2023, and MTE Ordinance No. 3,714/2023, we released the report on salary equality between men and women, prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Despite the righteous intentions of the new law, the chosen metrics do not offer a reliable snapshot of our company.

This is because the Report methodology is based on the CBO, Brazilian Classification of Occupations, and the grouping of positions, organized by “Large Groups of Occupations”. Thus, the Report aggregates different types of positions, without distinction of the nature of the function, area of ​​activity, time in the company, time in the role, productivity, technical perfection, nor hierarchical levels.

Therefore, it is noticeable that the Report offers a comparative analysis of salaries and positions that, in reality, are not comparable.

The statistical data presented on possible salary differences do not reflect discriminatory practices between men and women who perform the same functions in our company, and we note that we adopt the same salary range for women and men who perform identical functions.

Salary Transparency Report